Initial World Building Discussion

[9:40 AM] ShadowDrakken: So, basic premise: a dark god found a way to shut out all the other gods and swept across land violently and quickly. No one knows how he moved armies so quickly (you'll learn that later, perhaps. I already know how). His armies decimated city after city, chased down survivors, and killed or enslaved millions. The adventure will start with the PCs either enslaved, in hiding, or within the walls of the main bastion city.

[9:41 AM] ShadowDrakken: @PandaGirl's character was enslaved, and we've already run a bit of her story to test the mechanics of 5e

[9:43 AM] ShadowDrakken: The overarching goal is to make the surrounding areas safer and to figure out a way to unblock the other gods

[9:43 AM] ShadowDrakken: but it's not a goal that'll be attainable by a single group. You may go through a few generations of characters to get there

[9:44 AM] ShadowDrakken: I would love to have a descendant several generations after the first party be responsible for fixing things. Just has an epic feeling to it, you know

[9:47 AM] ShadowDrakken: the wilderness is vast, cities are rare as they had to be strong enough to hold back the armies, or hidden enough to be overlooked, and it's basically impossible for a normal person to survive alone outside a city for very long

[9:49 AM] FenrirCX: Would the descendants start from level 1 or would they retain traits from their ancestors, like starting at level 5 or so when they begin?

[9:49 AM] FenrirCX: And possibly retaining some of their knowledge, like languages and professions/crafting?

[9:54 AM] ShadowDrakken: they'd be new characters each time

[9:55 AM] FenrirCX: Ah ok. So like, not exactly the next generation after the initial heroes, more like two or three down the line?

[9:56 AM] FenrirCX: Just figuring out how time would work lol

[9:58 AM] ShadowDrakken: well yeah, but even if it was next generation it'd still be new characters

[9:59 AM] ShadowDrakken: we're talking though like you'll get characters to level 20, and probably continue playing them past that for a while before making new characters

[9:59 AM] FenrirCX: okey dokey, makes sense 

[9:59 AM] ShadowDrakken: I'm loosely figuring about 1 month in-game per 1 week out of game

[9:59 AM] FenrirCX: Not wanting to give any future characters advantage that way too in a sense.

[10:00 AM] FenrirCX: I think I've got something in mind for characters and progression then too. AWESOME.

[10:00 AM] ShadowDrakken: I may adjust that ratio based on how things feel when we start playing

[10:01 AM] ShadowDrakken: equates to roughly 5 years real time for 20 in-game years

[10:02 AM] ShadowDrakken: that may be too slow

[10:03 AM] FenrirCX: Possibly. Something to experiment with. But I'm guessing that underground Dwarven cities would be more prevalent since they were mostly obscure and/or underground

[10:03 AM] ShadowDrakken: the remaining dwarves were chased to the surface, enslaved, or joined the dark god's armies

[10:06 AM] ShadowDrakken: also, I settled on the decision to add Goliaths to the starting races, and remove both Halflings and Gnomes

[10:06 AM] ShadowDrakken: other playable races are in my list for when/if they're ever discovered

[10:07 AM] FenrirCX: So what are the starting races?

[10:08 AM] ShadowDrakken: the core Player's Manual ones except Halflings and Gnomes, plus Goliath from Elemental Evil

[10:14 AM] FenrirCX: Okey dokey. So Dragonborn can still happen \o/

[10:14 AM] ShadowDrakken: yeah

[10:15 AM] ShadowDrakken: debating half-elves… never did like the idea that this alien race was compatible with humans, but the other human-kin weren't

[10:16 AM] ShadowDrakken: might make elves a hidden race, remove half-elves, and add in half-dwarves and other human-kin

[10:16 AM] ShadowDrakken: yeah, I think I like that idea… the fey race should be more mysterious

[10:16 AM] ShadowDrakken: and it helps shape a different style of world

[10:40 AM] FenrirCX: I'm cool with that. Human-kin make more sense than half elf-kin of any sort. Half-orcs shouldn't exist either since they're considered elven, right?

[10:40 AM] FenrirCX: or does that depend?

[10:41 AM] Ragnarok292: Remone half evles ?

[10:41 AM] Ragnarok292: They a pretty common race selection for any cha based chr

[10:42 AM] Ragnarok292: I belive there the only class to get 2 cha bobos starting out well

[10:46 AM] ShadowDrakken: Tolkien orcs are elven, but not all fantasy worlds do that

[10:46 AM] ShadowDrakken: my orcs won't be fey

[10:47 AM] ShadowDrakken: @Ragnarok292 I'm looking at adding other races to fill similar roles

[10:48 AM] Ragnarok292: Ok halfs are just super verstile

[10:49 AM] ShadowDrakken: I'm thinking of adding in a half-dwarf possibly, but really humans are your versatile race

[10:49 AM] ShadowDrakken: and honestly I care less about the mechanical than about how the world feels

[10:50 AM] ShadowDrakken: need to drop the min/max mindset for my games, otherwise you'll get destroyed 

[10:51 AM] FenrirCX: I don't like min/maxing much anyway lol

[10:51 AM] ShadowDrakken: I spent years with a munchkin group struggling to keep up, I've gotten how to munchkin down pretty well at this point… and I hate it XD

[10:51 AM] FenrirCX: How big will the cities be? I know they'll be rare but will they be huge in size considering or will they be like towns, with village spread out that aren't seen?

[10:52 AM] ShadowDrakken: there's only one you'll know of to start with, or not exactly know of but will encounter pretty much immediately… it's large, and there's no surviving villages in the vicinity

[10:53 AM] ShadowDrakken: it was a defensive position in the mountains that everyone fled to

[10:53 AM] Ragnarok292: How long has the world been fucksd

[10:53 AM] Ragnarok292: Recently or generations past

[10:53 AM] ShadowDrakken: now it's a walled city on top of cliffs with terraced farmlands above it in the mountains

[10:54 AM] ShadowDrakken: recently, less than 10 years, still hashing out how recent I want it

[10:54 AM] ShadowDrakken: thinking 1-2 years honestly… while everyone is still struggling for normalcy

[10:56 AM] Ragnarok292: Whats the tech level are guns common

[10:57 AM] ShadowDrakken: most civilians use crossbows, most of the town guard uses flintlock powder weapons, only hunters tend to still use bows

[10:58 AM] ShadowDrakken: aside from that though it's simple fantasy, no powered locomotion, no electricity

[10:58 AM] ShadowDrakken: no steam engines, although it's close to that era

[10:59 AM] ShadowDrakken: I don't plan to move it towards modern, early early steam power may eventually show up, but because magic is a thing it's not looked at seriously

[11:00 AM] ShadowDrakken: the city has street lamps using continual flame, that sort of thing

[11:02 AM] Ragnarok292: How rare are magic items such as postions mafical items or enchanters

[11:03 AM] ShadowDrakken: low level consumables aren't too bad, but other magic items will be rare

[11:03 AM] Ragnarok292: Whats the hub flavored as restiance fighters part of the miltary adventurers gyild

[11:03 AM] ShadowDrakken: huh?

[11:04 AM] Ragnarok292: Where do we get our quests

[11:04 AM] Ragnarok292: I only typoed guild

[11:05 AM] ShadowDrakken: various places… rumors, self motivated exploration, during other quests

[11:05 AM] ShadowDrakken: people in town may need things they can't get in town

[11:05 AM] ShadowDrakken: etc

[11:05 AM] Ragnarok292: Ok so organized fairy tail styled quest board

[11:06 AM] Ragnarok292: Refering to the animr

[11:06 AM] ShadowDrakken: <— imagine this but instead of clouds the ground would start a bit higher than that, and instead of a sheer cliff behidn the town it's Matchu Picchu style terraced farms

[11:06 AM] Ragnarok292: Not*

[11:07 AM] ShadowDrakken: that image is too perfect… I was planning on mountain runoff forming a dammed lake inside the city and the dam releasing over the edge (edited)

[11:07 AM] Ragnarok292: I always forget my nots and nts

[11:08 AM] ShadowDrakken: so the city is only 100-200 ft up, but the sheer cliffs and only route into the city being a road along the front of the cliff prevented the army from encroaching(edited)

[11:08 AM] ShadowDrakken: the runoff provides the city with water for daily life and crops(edited)

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[11:10 AM] ShadowDrakken: <— Machu Picchu

[11:13 AM] ShadowDrakken: terraced farms —>

[11:13 AM] FenrirCX: Sounds cool. I'm guessing surrounding is wilderness, caves, ravines, etc.?

[11:14 AM] ShadowDrakken: and recent ruins

[11:14 AM] ShadowDrakken: yes

[11:17 AM] ShadowDrakken: this is probably closest to what the city wall looks like

[11:18 AM] ShadowDrakken: with farmland like

[11:25 AM] FenrirCX: Starting either enslaved, prison, or slums?

[11:27 AM] ShadowDrakken: enslaved, in town, or hiding in the wilderness (on the move and searching for survivors because there is no hiding for long)

[11:27 AM] ShadowDrakken: though the last one will need good backstory on how you've survived as long as you have

[11:29 AM] ShadowDrakken: probably the most reasonable excuse is that you weren't alone until recently

[11:29 AM] FenrirCX: Yeah, or you are some sort of hunter/ranger/guy that could survive off the land

[11:30 AM] ShadowDrakken: no, wouldn't help you… there are things out there that are better and hungrier than a level 1 hunter 

[11:30 AM] ShadowDrakken: and they don't travel alone

[11:31 AM] FenrirCX: That is true. Okey dokey.

[11:31 AM] FenrirCX: I'll probably be enslaved, knowing my luck _ lol

[11:45 AM] ShadowDrakken: Lol

[11:45 AM] FenrirCX: How far is the nearest town from the hub? And I'm guessing villages will be scarce, if not non-existent

[11:51 AM] ShadowDrakken: Nearest former town would be about half a day away, a farming town that supported the city before the armies demolished it

[11:52 AM] ShadowDrakken: There's various roaming encampments of survivors, and of enemies

[11:53 AM] FenrirCX: Okey dokey. Just getting a general idea. Guessing biomes will be heavy forests, deserts, mostly barren types?

[11:54 AM] ShadowDrakken: In the immediate vicinity, forest, hills, and mountains(edited)

[11:55 AM] ShadowDrakken: And farmlands, they'd be overgrown but still recognizable

[11:56 AM] FenrirCX: Okey dokey.

[11:57 AM] ShadowDrakken: All good questions btw, helping me flesh out and solidify ideas, fill in holes, etc

[11:58 AM] FenrirCX: I do what I can.

[11:58 AM] FenrirCX: Guessing monsters may be morphed a bit due to the dark god influence?

[11:58 AM] ShadowDrakken: Not really, he used armies rather than magic

[11:59 AM] FenrirCX: Ah ok. Is the god part of the D&D lore or something made up?

[11:59 AM] ShadowDrakken: Part of this world, I'm still working out details

[12:00 PM] FenrirCX: I NEED ANSWERS!

[12:00 PM] ShadowDrakken: For the moment I'm using the Forgotten Realms gods just for ease, but that'll be retconned as I get more built

[12:01 PM] ShadowDrakken: As it stands, divine classes won't even be sure where their powers are coming from. Vague voices, sparse guidance, and blurred visions

[12:02 PM] ShadowDrakken: Divine classes follow faith and cause in the absence of gods

[12:03 PM] FenrirCX: Divine classes will basically be feeding off of old stories they were told and fueled by the drive to figure out if those stories are true, I'm guessing.

[12:04 PM] FenrirCX: And they somehow feel trueness to what they've been told, given that they have powers of untold origin.

[12:06 PM] FenrirCX: I think both could work

[12:08 PM] ShadowDrakken: kind of, it's more like the old gods are still clinging to the remaining threads they had left connected to this world, but can only whisper through them

[12:09 PM] FenrirCX: Makes sense

[12:09 PM] FenrirCX: whisper whisper PUT ME IN THE ASYLUM, I'M GOING INSANE

[12:09 PM] ShadowDrakken: lol

[12:18 PM] ShadowDrakken: Lots of info, but what does @everyone else think so far?

[12:20 PM] ShadowDrakken: I'm also willing to look at "Hey, can this thing be a thing" type of requests, see if they can be fit into the world, and how it would affect things(edited)

[12:24 PM] FenrirCX: chocobos can be a thing, right?

[12:24 PM] FenrirCX: lol

[12:24 PM] ShadowDrakken: honestly, I don't see a reason not to… maybe under a different name is all o_O

[12:25 PM] FenrirCX: YES

[12:25 PM] FenrirCX: Whirlibirds

[12:25 PM] ShadowDrakken: strange request, I knew you'd go weird just to test the boundaries, but I expected something more obviously incompatible

[12:26 PM] ShadowDrakken: but I can't think of a single good reason a giant riding bird couldn't exist, especially in a mountain setting where horses aren't very useful

[12:26 PM] FenrirCX: I am a genius.

[12:30 PM] ShadowDrakken: Gastornis it is (edited)

[12:31 PM] ShadowDrakken:

[12:32 PM] ShadowDrakken:,_a_large_flightless_bird_from_the_Eocene_of_Wyoming.jpg

[1:06 PM] FenrirCX: Call it a Gastornis or something more catchy? lol

[1:11 PM] ShadowDrakken: yeah, it needs a better name

[1:11 PM] ShadowDrakken: Was thinking maybe stonetalon, but that's just so unoriginal

[1:12 PM] FenrirCX: HONKERBIRD

[1:12 PM] ShadowDrakken: yeah no

[1:15 PM] FenrirCX: Thornclaw

[1:15 PM] FenrirCX: Slagtalon

[1:21 PM] FenrirCX: Moldfoot lol

[1:30 PM] ShadowDrakken: how does Carowi sound for the species name? And how do you interpret that as sounding? 

[1:31 PM] FenrirCX: CARE-OH-WEE

[1:31 PM] ShadowDrakken: ok, cool, that's what I intended

[1:31 PM] ShadowDrakken: sound okay for a species name?

[1:31 PM] FenrirCX: It's different for sure. Kinda fits too. I dig it.

[1:32 PM] ShadowDrakken: kind of inspired by cassowary

[1:38 PM] FenrirCX: PROGRESS

[1:44 PM] FenrirCX: so Carowi would be used by mostly military and rich folk? I'm guessing currency pieces (silver, copper, gold, etc) will still be in use?

[1:44 PM] ShadowDrakken: I'd say more just in place of horses in general

[1:44 PM] FenrirCX: Ah ok, at least in that region, right?

[1:46 PM] ShadowDrakken: there's only the one region to worry about for now 

[1:46 PM] FenrirCX: OH OK

[1:46 PM] ShadowDrakken: but I'd say maybe 1 in 10 famers might have one, and they help their neighbors haul things when needed

[1:46 PM] FenrirCX: Okey dokey.

[1:47 PM] ShadowDrakken: most people that don't need to haul things, or are capable of handling all their own hauling, won't have one

[1:47 PM] FenrirCX: Yar, figured that people wouldn't have many belongings considering the state of the world

[1:51 PM] ShadowDrakken: I picture them eating nut-like seeds, like say brazilnuts or filberts, as well as some woody mountain plant that's like a succulent on the inside but has a husk like a coconut

[1:52 PM] FenrirCX: And mountain goats

[1:52 PM] ShadowDrakken: totally wrong kind of beak and claws

[1:53 PM] ShadowDrakken: gastornis would have been exclusively herbivores, and I picture them that way as well, otherwise they wouldn't domesticate easily as work animals

[1:53 PM] FenrirCX: Oh you meant the birds lol

[1:53 PM] ShadowDrakken: lol

[1:53 PM] FenrirCX: Yeah, I'd say they'd be herbivores. Too hard to maintain a meateater utility aminal

[1:55 PM] ShadowDrakken: do need a goat analog though, as the main livestock and beasts of burden

[1:55 PM] FenrirCX: weregoat

[1:55 PM] ShadowDrakken: milk, meat, and heavy duty hauling

[1:56 PM] FenrirCX: A MARK RUFFALO

[1:56 PM] ShadowDrakken: o_O

[1:56 PM] ShadowDrakken: not sure who that even is

[1:57 PM] FenrirCX: He's Bruce Banner in the Avengers movies lol

[1:57 PM] ShadowDrakken: ah

[1:59 PM] FenrirCX: But yeah, kidding aside, is there a livestock section for DnD? lol

[2:00 PM] FenrirCX: Could make a mountain variant of common ones.

[2:09 PM] FenrirCX: what is the name of the area?

[2:12 PM] ShadowDrakken: hadn't decided that yet; the city needs a pre-devistation name, and I'm thinking it took on the name Aegis after the fall

[2:12 PM] ShadowDrakken: but the area itself will still need a name

Initial World Building Discussion

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